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More prototype games on CD-i !

A unique prototype game on CD-i, brought to you by the black moon project! Check out the preview here!

New Interview with...

Philips Media Games Europe! Don't miss this extensive interview about the history of Philips Media Games!

NEW CD-i Technical Archive!

Black Moon posted a link to TerraTron's new website! Full with technical documents about CD-i, but with TerraTron leaving the scene the future remains unsure.

CD-i Forums

Any questions related to CD-i can be asked on the CD-i Forum. Recommended: The CDinteractive Forum

Super Mario`s Wacky Worlds ++

Spectacular CD-i Prototype showing a true Mario platformer on CD-i!

Black Moon Monthly: August 06

New edition about all the original and exclusive cd-i games. Check it out!

Escape From Cybercity Special

Extensive info about an extensive game on CD-i: Escape from Cybercity!


Tools to create and learn more about the PhotoCD format (playable on CD-i)

CD-i Chat

The Chat function is not occupied regularly; therefor we recommend using the forum for any communication!


Resources about the CD+Graphics format (playable on CD-i)


Without a doubt the BIGGEST Philips CD-i Link Portal combining the BEST of every CD-i website available on the WEB. Currently hosting over 650 links and still increasing to remain the most complete and trustfull resource about Philips CD-i!

Interactive Dreams CD-i

My vote for 2007: Reviews, prototypes, lot of updates, history, info about Philips, well: ANYTHING! All about CD-i, this is a classic! Read it now!

Microcosm & Litil Divil

Past 2 Present offers new media of two great CD-i games: Litil Divil and Microcosm

Philips CDi 350 Photo Showcase

Beautiful pictures of the portable CD-i gaming system: The Philips CD-i 350. Lots of pictures! Thanks to Japan-Games!


Visit the official GAMGATOR EBAY STORE to find all the remaining original PMPRO stock! Buy all your CD-i titles and hardware for less @ GAMGATOR2000 - Mention BLACKMOON and you'll receive a special discount!

Zelda CD-i Video Review + More

Watch the world`s first CD-i Video Review! This episode is about Link: The Faces of Evil. Also IGN posted new articles about the Zelda games which are very massive and detailed! Recommended!

UPDATE: Frog Feast on CD-i

"The CD-I version has seen a few improvements. I started adding sprite support to the game. The game also runs the same code as the other versions, so once sprites, joystick input, sound, and music is finished, the game will be playable.&quo

CD-i TIP Award!

This page is voted for TIP (Top Index Page) by Retro chain Replay Videogames two times already! Thanks for your support!

Dragon`s Lair CD-i

Extensive info about the Dragon`s Lair games on Arcade and consoles. Without a doubt the CD-i versions are the best ones around!

Plunderball CD-i Special!

Including media and an interview with the developer!

New Sidewalk CD-i Review Index

Where Defunct Games and CD-i Collective leave you wanting more, Sidewalk will bring you new CD-i reviews from our Fans. Thanks, you keep the CD-i scene alive!

CD-i vs Next Gen Game Consoles

Find out the obvious similarities between the Philips CD-i and the next gen game consoles!

Nintendo CD-i Official Artwork

Even more art is available now: Original Sprite images for homebrew CD-i enthusiasts, and great for every fan! It's like developing playtime for CD-i, thanks to Kao.


With the remake of Lemmings for the Playstation Portable, it`s a nice opportunity to bring back the memories of the classic on Philips CD-i!

CD-i Infomercials

Who can help me to find the original 1 hour informercial about CD-i?

Best of ... Le Monde du CD-i

When you mail the webmaster of Le Monde du CD-i, you can have access to a secret part of the website with lots of ISO game downloads!

Philips Media Official Website

The Helpdesk Crew has resurrected the official homepage of Philips Media and they are even planning new updates! Check it out!

CD-i Extracting & Burning

Tools to extract ISO images of your CD-i titles and burn them on a CD

How can I help you?

The World of CD-i is too big to just give it a quick eye. You may overlook the part you were looking for, so here are some shortcuts to help you navigating.

SEGA to PHILIPS CD-i Gamepad !

The CD-i Gamepad Adapter is a cable designed to connect a Sega Genesis gamepad to a CD-Interactive (CD-i) player. The cable handles conversion of the data from the gamepad to a format understood by the CD-i player. With the CD-i Gamepad Ada

CD-i Websites

Websites 100% dedicated to the world of CD-i. With the best resources on The Black Moon Project and newer websites like philipscdi.com

CD-i Helpdesk

Now we have support from ex-Philips employees! Email your cd-i questions/problems to philipscdi@gmail.com and we'll try to deliver!

Digital Video Cart. Emulation!

Be patient: It`s coming! cdifan has posted some early progress to emulate the Digital Video Cartridge with CD-i Emulator!

CD-i Website of the month!

Biggest Media archive, if you are willing to register!

CD-i Stores

Ofcourse you can find second hand CD-i titles and consoles at eBay, but these sites offer an exclusive CD-i corner. We`ve excluded useless links as found on Arno`s cdi.eigenstart.nl

CD-BGM (Background music CD)

Information about the CD-BGM format (playable on CD-i)

Dolby Surround on CD-i

Several CD-i Video`s and games support Dolby Surround.

Namco on CD-i

Check out the great games Philips ADS converted from Namco IP for CD-i!

CD-i Developer of the month!

With games like 7th Guest, Creature Shock and Lost Eden, Virgin delivered graphically the best CD-i games available!

CD-i Newsgroup

Many websites offer acces to the CD-i Newsgroup. Sign up and receive updates in your mailbox. Although, you'll stay more up-to-date visiting the CDinteractive Forum

Rival Retro Consoles VS CD-i

These consoles have a lot in common. They were all active in the same generation. What happened to them all?

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